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French Belote


You play with Mr North trying to reach the thousand points win target, before the two others AI. Count trumps, make finesses, attack if you want to win… Days after days, improve your skills playing Belote and become a real Pro. You’ll see at the next tournament: It will worth the daily training !On our side, we do our best to improve the AI you play against. We work with professional methods, and waiting for your feedbacks to fix, improve, and perfect our AI with only one goal : make your victory more and more difficult !
However that may be, try our application and share with us and your friends the pleasure to play Belote.
Many options are available in the menus, to customize game rules and ergonomic settings.
Internet access is needed for the Ad support.
One more last detail : the AI never cheats. If you loose, take the time to examine and understand. You will improve your skills step by step until reaching your aim : win !
PS : Thanks to everyone for your feedbacks and faulty AI decision reports !